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Student Board 

Academic Year 2023-2024

Ryan Beilstein

President | US Army

Summer Internship: McKinsey & Co. - Austin, TX

Industry/Function: Consulting

Ryan graduated from the University of Florida in 2012 and majored in political science. He commissioned into the Army and flew aerial surveillance platforms in the US and in Africa. He also commanded an MQ-1C Gray Eagle company in Afghanistan. For his last assignment, he flew senior leaders across the country in UC-35 citation jets and realized that he did not want to become an airline pilot.

beilstein cropped.jpg

Jacques Bristow

Executive Vice President | US Army

Summer Internship: Boston Consulting Group - Denver, CO

Industry/Function: Consulting

Jacques served as an Army infantry officer in the 10th Mountain Division. He began his military career as a Platoon Leader and then Executive Officer for Cannibal Company, 2-14 Infantry. In 2021, he represented the 10th Mountain Division in the US Army’s Best Ranger Competition. Before the Army, Jacques was a lending analyst at JP Morgan Private Bank. He graduated from Duke University, where he played varsity football. In his free time, he enjoys exploring the Rivanna Trail with his three-year-old Golden Retriever.

jacques photo.png

Ryan Smith

Vice President of Admissions | US Marines

Summer Internship: Corning - Charlotte, NC

Industry/Function: General Management

Ryan was a Field Artillery Officer in the United States Marine Corps. He was assigned to 3d Battalion, 11th Marines in Twentynine Palms, CA and deployed once to Okinawa, Japan. Ryan is a graduate of Vanderbilt University. In his free time he enjoys playing guitar and is the lead guitarist for “Jewel Heist”, a newly-formed hard rock band in the Charlottesville area.

Smith Cropped.jpg

Dylan Sullivan

Vice President of Careers | US Army

Summer Internship: Morgan Stanley - San Fransisco, CA

Industry/Function: Investment Banking

Dylan served in the Army as an Infantry Officer in the 3d Cavalry Regiment. He began his career as a Platoon Leader in Apache Troop before being assigned as the Executive Officer for Roughrider Troop (Headquarters and Headquarters Troop). Dylan also served as an Assistant Operations Officer on Squadron Staff. While transitioning out of the Army, he had the opportunity to participate in a Skill Bridge Internship with Deloitte’s Government and Public Sector Innovation Team.

sullivan cropped 2.jpg

Patrick Kearney

Vice President of Communications | US Army

Summer Internship: Rushmark - Washington D.C.

Industry/Function: Real Estate Development

Patrick went to undergrad at West Point and majored in Economics. He served in the Army first as a Military Intelligence Officer. He began his career with the 4th Infantry Division as a Platoon Leader and Intelligence Officer. He completed one overseas deployment to Helmand, Afghanistan. He then transferred and joined U.S. Space Command as a Space Ops Officer. His final assignment was at the Joint Navigation Warfare Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he helped defend and manage GPS satellite signals.

Kearney Cropped 2.jpg

Jake Love

Vice President of Events | US Army

Summer Internship: EY Parthenon - New York, NY

Industry/Function: Consulting

Jake is a Double Hoo and graduated from the University of Virginia with a major in Classics. Prior to Darden he was an Army infantry officer in the 82nd Airborne Division (Airborne, all the way!). He started as a platoon leader in A Co, 1-325 AIR, 2BCT and also served as Battalion Training Officer, Delta Company Executive Officer, and Battalion S-4. He deployed to Iraq and Syria for 8 months in 2020. 

Love Cropped.jpg

John Hope

Vice President of Finance | US Army

Summer Internship: Piper Sandler - Charlotte, NC

Industry/Function: Investment Banking

John served in the Army as a Field Artillery Officer. He spent four years in Germany with the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, beginning his career as a reconnaissance company and battalion Fire Support Officer conducting operations throughout Germany and eastern Europe. His last job at 2CR was a Liaison Officer for NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup in eastern Poland. His final assignment was as with the 434 Field Artillery Brigade conducting Basic Training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Following the Army, he completed a Masters in Management at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

Hope Cropped 2.jpg

Will Lavelle

Vice President of Outreach | US Army

Summer Internship: Emerson - St. Louis, MO

Industry/Function: Corporate Strategy

Prior to Darden, Will was an Army Infantry Officer in the 7th Infantry Division. He fortunately spent 2.5 years as a platoon leader for two great organizations, where he led up to 45 soldiers at a time. Afterwards, he worked in their operations and logistics departments where he led specialized projects and mentored younger officers. While he was getting out he completed a Career Skill Bridge Internship at the Tacoma Rainiers, the Triple-A affiliate for the Seattle Mariners.

Lavelle Cropped.jpg
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