DMA Board, 2020-2021

Thomas Rose

President | US Navy

Brandon Sims

Executive VP | US Marine Corps

Mark Pohl

VP of Admissions | US Army

Jordan Gross

VP of Recruiting | US Marine Corps

Jimmy Wilson

VP of Finance | US Navy

Andrew Kalna

VP of Sponsorship | US Army

Keith Wilson

VP of Outreach | US Navy

Patrick Walters

VP of Events | US Air Force

Jay Sarcone

VP of Tech & Communication | US Navy

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DMA Second Years (Class of 2020)

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DMA First Years (Class of 2021)

David Gerardo

US Army

Dan Gogue

US Army

Phil Gurney

US Navy

Mark Hanabury

US Army

Edward Hedke

US Army

Zach Kiefer

US Air Force

Mark Ryan

US Marine Corps

Nicholas Skaperdas

US Navy

Sam Winsor

US Army

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