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The DMA is also here for those that matter most to us. Your partners and family are an important part of the Darden experience and belong to the DMA too. We look forward to meeting the whole team.

If you have any questions regarding the Darden transition from a partner's perspective, please reach out to our DMA Partner Ambassadors.

Meet our DMA Partner Ambassadors

As military partners, we are no strangers to change.  We were in your position a few years ago and want to make your transition to Darden as smooth as possible. Whether you are starting your initial school research or have already accepted an admittance, we are here to answer any questions from the partner’s perspective.


Jenn Jelic

Profession: Business Development, Axios HQ

Ask me about: Fun things around C'ville, restaurants, dogs, and Darden clubs

Favorite things to do in Charlottesville: Go to Crush Pad to split a bottle of wine and eat amazing pasta, hike the awesome trails around C'ville, or Darden rec sports


Kaitlin Best

Profession: Elementary education
Ask me about: Raising a child during an MBA, living in Huntington Village, recruiting from a partner's perspective
Favorite things to do in Charlottesville: Walks to the park and local hiking trails


Kelsey Philie

Profession: Marketing Director for a think tank
Ask me about: Finding childcare, balancing kids with school and recruiting, living away from Darden
Favorite things to do in Charlottesville: Mornings at the Ix Art Park, farmers market, and afternoons at local breweries and wineries 


Amanda Norris

Profession: Associate Brand Manager, NYC-based
Ask me about: Managing a long-distance relationship with Darden partner
Favorite things to do in Charlottesville: Concerts at the Jefferson, Friday’s After 5 at Ting Pavilion, enjoying a nice glass of sauvignon blanc and sunshine at King Family Vineyards

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